As a Swiss company, you need to must react rapidly and with flexibility. Our software applications provide you with the management indicators to recognize and control the risks that confront your company. With improved efficiency, your turnover rises and costs are reduced: your company's performance and profitability increase.

SolvAxis is your company barometer: our business solutions give you pertinent indicators adapted to all sectors of activity. Whether your company is in production, commerce, or administration, all your needs are covered. By including ERP, ECM, BPM, EDM, your company is managed rapidly efficiently. Your entire added value chain is taken into account: customer prospection, order processing, long term support, maintenance services, production, logistics, financials, payroll, and human resources are all brought together in our differents solutions.

Do like thousands of other Swiss SMB users, choose SolvAxis as your business management software application supplier!

Thanks to its ease of use, SolvAxis integrates transparently with your company to provide you with efficient key processes. Working closely with our partners, our software solutions easily adapt to your needs, installing rapidly and providing ease of use.

We have been developing software solutions and services for small and medium sized businesses for over 25 years. We want to let create and administer your company processes simply and efficiently. We apply high quality, tried and tested innovative technology to create business software like ProConcept ERP. Developed by our staff in Sonceboz in the Jura, it adapts rapidly to the needs of SMB's. ProConcept ERP is the base of the innovative business solutions proposed by SolvAxis.


Bringing Sexy Back to Manufacturing

«Factory jobs today are more about electronic controls and touch screens than…»

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How to Identify a Project-Based ERP System

How to Identify a Project-Based ERP System

«Most manufacturing, and the ERP systems that support it, are order-oriented. The primary…»

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New version 11.1 of ProConcept ERP

New Version 11.1

«The new version 11.1 of ProConcept ERP is available!»

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With over 25 years experience and over 35 customers in the electronics sector, SolvAxis is widely recognized as the expert in this field.



One point of contact, SolvAxis is with you throughout your company's development, year in, year out...

Swiss quality

Swiss quality

As a Swiss software supplier, we guarantee high reactivity. Our subsidiaries are based in the four corners of the country, close to our customers.